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The Bird Chatter Editor regularly receives more information than will fit in the alloted 12 pages each month. Topics that are often "bumped" are those regarding the care and feeding of Classic Thunderbirds. Since we have lots and lots of space on our website, the "Tech Tips" will be added here! Please help us fill up the page!
  1. "Have you lost your cool" Thunderbird wind tunnel test reprinted from February 1987 ACTC Bird Chatter
  2. Hot Topics: keeping your Thunderbird cool in the desert
  3. Aluminum Valve Covers
  4. Emergency Brake Cables, Ground Cables and AC Fuel Pumps
  5. Finding TDC - Engine Oil Update
  6. New Radiator Caps, Age of Tires, T-Bird Glass and Replacing Starters
  7. Power Steering and Transmission Fluids, Level the Bird, Brake Fluid
  8. Rag Top Care
  9. Replacing Headlamps - Biennual Flush and Fill
  10. How to get Black-walls black and White-walls white!
  11. How to Keep Your Cooling System in Top-Notch Condition!
  12. Lessons in Carburetion from January 2017 Bird Chatter
  13. Dashboard Removal Instructions